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The Story of Our Logo


To be a community of learners, empowering our student learners to achieve excellence and make a positive difference to their lives and the lives of others.

Community of learners – This is represented by the iconic Salford people who depict the Salford learners.

Empowering – This is represented by the yellow sun.

Excellence – This was the Mountain Range, which are the Takatimus, visible from our location.

Making a Difference – This was suggested to shorten the actual vision statement.  It was felt that students and staff would always be able to articulate the meaning behind the vision statement by adopting the “making a difference” statement.  All of the learning we collaboratively plan, teach and deliver is intended to make a difference.  Our Inquiry units have a social action that is intended to make a difference to their lives or in the global perspective.

The tree was an umbrella over the learners representing a strong foundation in Literacy and Numeracy;these were identified at community consultation as cornerstones of all learning.  The branches and leaves symbolise the personalised learning pathways provided for our students through Inquiry Learning but the foundations of the strong roots of Literacy and Numeracy are essential to achieve this growth.

The green is the reserve that students have developed in a partnership with the Invercargill City Council and borders our school grounds. It represents the sustainability focus of caring for our environment and has been a very successful development now used and enjoyed by the local community on a daily basis.

The blue ocean and the blue river represent the Waihopai river that is bordering our reserve, this is our awa or river.  The ocean was the significance of the learning journey we participate in on our pathway to being a citizen of the world. This meant the journey from the mountains to the sea and the future.

The road symbolises the lifelong learning journey that they have embarked upon.

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