Enrolment Scheme

Salford School has an enrolment scheme. This is a mechanism for controlling overcrowding in state schools.  It requires the school to define a “Home Zone” and to manage its roll around an “optimum roll”.  Any student living within the Home Zone who wishes to attend the school is, by law, automatically entitled to enrol.


Enrolment Zone Boundaries

North               Waihopai River from Queens Drive to Racecourse Road

West                Queens Drive from Layard Street to the Waihopai River.  West side from 444 Queens Drive.  East side from James Hargest College Junior Campus north.

South               Layard Street from Queens Drive to Racecourse Road.  Properties on the south side of Layard Street are not included

East                 Racecourse Road from Layard Street to Waihopai River.  All Racecourse Road properties are included in the zone, on the east side from 351 and on the                             west from James Hargest College.  Both sides of Auburn Road are in the zone. 



















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2024 Stationery lists pending - please visit www.myschool.co.nz and click on Salford School.



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